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custom made for every customer
min. order volume is 100 liter

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Massy PREFAB (9).png

This takes 10 working days

Bottle: 20 working days

Label: 10 working days

We make your own Gin, Liqueur, Vodka or other spirits


We have been producing DISTILLERY MASSY for four generations, liqueurs, spirits, etc. The distillation, maceration, infusion, etc. processes are selected based on raw material and end product. The use of natural ingredients is the rule. We are constantly developing new flavors and scents on behalf of the customers, and this ALL FROM A FEW HUNDRED BOTTLES and this even in a short period of time if necessary. Almost 75% of our drinks are purely customized for the customer.
And this for, among other things.

It shows self-assured and flexible craftsmanship, with new drink types and variation on existing themes. The search for new recipes is therefore essential. That is precisely the point at which Distillery Massy meets the customer. With a rich experience in creating, combining and varying fruit flavors, herbs, whether or not enriched with other vegetable aromas. The emulsions are naturally obtained and stabilized. All raw materials are of natural origin. Precise process control ensures optimum preservation of taste. This craftsmanship is furthermore supported by an exemplary service, including short terms for quotation proposals and deliveries, bottles and labels of your choice.

Perfect for: 

- Hobby cooks or individuals who like to try something new and make something themselves
- Associations or companies that want to launch their own brand 

- To give as a corporate gift

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